Flameproof LED lights

FCG Hi-Tech PVT. LTD has years of experience in manufacturing flameproof LED lights and other types of equipment that can prevent mishaps in hazardous areas. From flameproof led flood lights to led fixtures, we assure to provide quality products to our customers. We take pride in selling affordable, reliable and durable materials.  Our flameproof products are different from others because they have compact designs and maximum brightness.  We also offer flameproof switch gears and a lot more things of optimum quality and performance.

Types of flameproof LED lights

For specific hazardous locations, different kinds of flameproof LED lights have been manufactured. The businesses that need to do the work in such insecure areas, need to give their workers different types of lights such as flameproof LED string lights, handheld flashlights, etc. If your workers are up for a large operation, then you must give them explosion-proof LED tank lights.

Why us?

Our quality explosion proof LED lights can be advantageous for labours or people working in confined spaces. It contributes a lot to maintaining safety at the working place. Our flameproof LED lights are manufactured to operate in hazardous areas to prevent mishaps caused by flammable gases and dust particles. Our flameproof LED lights have robust designs and decrease the risk of major explosive reactions that can spread wildly causing harm.

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