Flameproof Mobile

Flameproof Mobile, explosion-proof mobile phone

These flameproof mobile phones can survive even in harsh conditions and environments. The display of this Mobile phone is crystal clear and has highly optimized accessories. This feature cum smartphone is the safest of all and has an intuitive design with a replaceable battery. The equipment in this explosion-proof mobile phone works in even such conditions where there are risks associated. The quality of FCG Hi-Tech .Flameproof mobile phones are high quality and are known for their efficiency. Our products are tested and certified to use in hazardous areas.

Where are flameproof Mobile phones used?

Explosion-proof mobile phones are meant for communicating in dangerous areas and the outer layer of such mobile phones is made of heavy duty durable plastic. In such areas, where you need emergency communication, flameproof mobile phones become your savior. These devices meet the requirements when there is dust, vapors, and liquids. Moreover, as per its requirement, the market will gradually gain friction as it is capable of keeping the data up in a dangerous environment.

Uses of Explosion Proof mobile phone

  • Helps in getting real-time information of workers working remotely.
  • Explosion-proof mobile phones are shock and water-resistant.
  • This wireless technology delivers data when the conditions are harsh

Flameproof LED light, flameproof light, Flameproof flood light

FCG Hi-Tech PVT. LTD has years of experience in manufacturing the most durable and reliable flameproof LED light. The powerful sheath coating on it makes it durable for use. We devise first-class products by employing a highly trained and experienced staff that knows different strategies of delivering quality to clients. Flameproof LED lights are used in many industries and in different areas to light up the surroundings of warehouses and other buildings. Our flameproof fittings are famous for them.
FCG Hi-Tech products are known for their efficiency and we ensure products provide ample amount of light to the surroundings. You can explore the various collections that we have, and you will find different types of lights needed for hazardous and harsh industrial areas. We provide everything at affordable prices and of high quality.

Type No. : safetalk ST-1


Intrinsically Safe (Ex ib) Mobile Phone Suitable for use in Gas Group IIA/IIB/IIC area With Camera

Type No. : safetalk ST-1


Intrinsically Safe (Ex ib) Mobile Phone Suitable for use in Gas Group IIA/IIB/IIC area Without Camera